Amir Labaki is a Brazilian curator, film critic, filmmaker and playwriter. He is the founder and director of It’s All True —International Documentary Film Festival, the leading and oldest event devoted exclusively to non-ficcional cinema in Latin America. He was the President of the Museum of Image and
Sound (MIS) in São Paulo for two terms (1993-1995, 2003-2005 and a member of the board of IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (2003-2012).

Labaki writes about cinema at Folha de S. Paulo (since 1985) and Valor Econômico (since 2002). He is the author of 13 books on history and cinema, as Introduction to Brazilian Documentary (Francis, 2006) and The Truth Of Each One (Cosac Naify, 2015), an anthology of writings about documentary
by 32 leading filmmakers, from Robert Flaherty to Jia Zhang-Ke. Since 2004, he is also the director, writer and host of  It’s All True at Canal Brasil, the leading and oldest weekly TV program devoted to Brazilian documentaries.

27 Scenes about Jorgen Leth (2009), his first feature documentary, was selected for CPH-DOX (Danmark), Docudays (Liban), Jihlava (Czech Republic), DocLisboa (Portugal), Habana Film Festival (Cuba), Festival do Rio and São Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil).