A multidisciplinary artist, she is a unique voice in French documentary filmmaking. Her always-intimate films shine light in the shadows, break taboos and allow their subjects to speak freely. She began working alongside Amos Gitaï. In 1987, she made her first documentary about apartheid, Classified People. The film was released in theatres and distributed in thirteen countries. In 1989 Caste Criminelle followed, which was the closing film of the Director’s Fortnight and won awards around the world (including the Prix de la jeunesse at the Cannes Festival, among others). In 2011, Would you have sex with an Arab? was selected at the Venice Film Festival. Her latest film, M, released in theatres in France this past March 20th, has won as many as eight prizes (including the Locarno Festival 2018 Special Jury Prize, the Bayard d’Or in Namur and the Golden Panda in Mexico).