Trained at the Montreal Conservatory of Dramatic Art, Sophie Faucher has several strings to her bow, as an actress on television and in the cinema, an actress in the theatre, a columnist at Radio-Canada, writer, etc. Also active in Quebec dubbing, she is the regular voice of Queen Latifah and Kristen Johnston as well as one of the voices of Julie Christie, Viola Davis, Whoopi Goldberg, Allison Janney, etc. On television, she is famous for her role as former botoxed billionaire model Crystale Bouvier-Montgomery in the Quebec series, Le Cœur a ses raisons.
She is the author of several children’s books, and has written two shows inspired by the life of Frida Kalho, which she performed in a one-man show for several years. She has just completed the filming of Denys Arcand’s next film, Testament and in September 2023 she will start work on her new show: Une voix pour être aimée: Maria Callas.