Born in Damascus in 1977, Diana El Jeiroudi is a Syrian independent documentary film director and producer, and a co-founder and general manager of the DOX BOX Association, supporting documentary filmmakers from the Arab World, an heir to the pioneering DOX BOX documentary film festival that she co-founded originally in Syria.

Diana El Jeiroudi also co-founded Proaction Film, an independent film production outfit in Damascus and then in Berlin. Most recently she coproduced « Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait » directed by O. Mohammed and W.S. Bedirxan, selected in Cannes festival 2014, released, screened and awarded in many countries and listed third among the Top 10 films of 2014 in a survey of French press.

As a director, Diana El Jeiroudi made « The Pot » (2005), a short documentary, and « Dolls- A Woman from Damascus » (2007) which attempts to reveal a trend towards the commercial appropriation of a female model that limits the mind, soul and body of young generation, into one approved set of social and religious frame of choice. Diana’s films were screened and broadcast around the world, and her overall work earned her the European Documentary Network Award and the Catherine Kartlidge Award.