Known for his intimate, sensitive and respectful approach to reality, Nicolas Philibert made his mark in 1978 with the documentary La Voix de son maître , co-directed with Gérard Mordillat, which explores the roots of capitalism through the discourses of a dozen major bosses of French industry. He subsequently directed several landmark films, including La Ville Louvre (1990), Le pays des sourds (1993), Un animal, des animaux (1995), La moindre des choses (1997) before Being and Having (2002), which, with nearly 2 million spectators in France, remains one of the biggest hits in theaters for a documentary. Over the years, these include Retour en Normandie (2007), Nenette (2010), La Maison de la radio (2013), De chaque instant (2018) and Sur L’Adamant, which won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2023. Her trilogy on psychiatry (Sur L’Adamant, Averroes & Rosa Parks, La Machine à écrire) is still to be discovered in cinemas.